Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell



  • Purple
  • Blue


Sun Sun - Chinese


  • Action
  • Romance
  • Comedies


  • Southern Gospel
  • Contemporary Gospel


I enjoy spending time with my family having fun! Road trips to Beals Island to visit my dearest friends Pam, Jeff and family. We have wonderful fellowship and play games with a lot of laughter.


"Wiggles" My Jack Russell Terrier dog. Her whole body wiggles when she's happy. She loves to cuddle, and smiles when you rub her belly.

Testimony: John 3:16-18

I feel privileged to sing and serve my Lord. The presence of the Lord is so powerful through word and song. It is so exciting and truly a blessing to witness the many people who accept him as Lord and Savior. I also thank the Lord for the blessing of a wonder nephew in my life, Nate. I Love the Lord and desire to serve and be in his will.