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Leo Campbell





Texas Road House


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  • Antique Auto Restoration
  • Taking fall auto rides to view colourful foliage also auto rides up northern Maine to view deer and moose


"Ripper" My Jack Russell Terrier dog. His name says it all! He's only 13 lbs but acts like he is 200lbs. He loves taking rides with daddy and getting bones when we visit the drive though. You say handsome boy and he will show you he is!

Testimony: Matthew 6:23

Wow! What a life for me! Raised in a Christian home by parents who loved the Lord. I was Saved at the age of sixteen at Jack Wyrtzen, Word of Life camp right on the Island. I was attending at the same time my girlfriend Phyllis (now my wife) was attending. Five children later (four girls and one boy) all born again believers. Three of my daughters sing with me full time. One serves the Lord in her home church with her husband and family. My son is home to be with God (we know where he is). We present the message that Jesus Saves together as a family through music. It is this calling that me and my wife responded to many years ago. Praise ye the Lord!