Anna Reuman

Anna Reuman



  • Pastel Yellow
  • Certain Shades of Sage Green
  • Topaz


  • Robing Hood Meeting House
  • Texas Long Horns - Ribs
  • Texas Road House


  • Documentaries
  • Classics
  • Musicals
  • Romance
  • Comedies


  • Southern Gospel
  • Contemporary
  • Country


  • Joy riding in all four seasons so I can visually observe the beauty of God's creation.
  • Dining out so my pallet can savor abundant flavors in foods.
  • Cooking in my own kitchen because it is relaxing and enjoyable.
  • I love my family! I am blessed to have a loving and supportive husband, Chris. To be a daughter to Leo and Phyllis, mom to Nate, Chris and Mindy, and Nana to Noah, Lexy, Issac, Alevia, Aleyah, Connor, & Anderson. Spending time together gives me such joy and a lot of laughs


We lost our beautiful Nikki, a golden retriever dog, 12 yrs old. Thinking about getting another puppy.

Testimony: Psalms 46:10 & Romans 8:5

Since I was a young girl, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has been always present in my heart and life. Living my life's journey at times I have wavered from his willed path. Thank You Lord for protecting me, carrying me when I could not walk, patiently guiding me, unconditionally loving me. My heart's desire and daily prayer is, Lord help me to be aware of your Holy Spirit, to have the strength through you, to lay aside myself, to be a submissive servant for your purpose. To be a witness of all that you are so others will come to know and except you as their Lord and Savior.